Are Your Kids Enrolled in Too Many Extracurricular Activities?

One of the many reasons parents enroll their children to after-school activities is to gain new experiences, learn new things and acquire new skills. We know, all parents just want the best for their children. Most parents think whatever they do is for their children’s sake. But when do after-school activities become too much? In this blog post, we are going to talk about extracurricular activities -- when do children become overscheduled and how to find the right balance.

We get the reason why parents want their kids to be busy. It helps with teaching kids time management skills. It also helps with a child’s social development and they even get a higher chance of being accepted to college, especially when they excel in such activities. Having all of these benefits, it’s understandable why most parents want their kids engaged in as many activities as they can.

However, many kids are suffering from being overbooked and are generally overwhelmed by the load of extracurricular activities. As parents, sometimes we assume that the more after-school activities the kids are joining, the better they are at thriving holistically. However, some kids who have too much on their plate can show signs of anxiety, stress and not getting enough sleep which can lead to poor grades.

A lot of experts say that most kids nowadays don’t get enough downtime. It’s important to remember that kids also need to have fun, play, use their imagination and just sleep in on weekends. If they get too many activities, they might get overwhelmed and resentful of their activities outside of school.

How would a parent know that their kids enjoy the activities that they do? If you feel like you are dragging your kid to practice, games or rehearsals and they don’t show that they are enjoying or excited about it, then it might be time to reassess these activities they are involved in. But if you have a kid who just loves everything they do, take a closer look at how many hours they spend just relaxing and taking it slow. It’s time for you to take control and see which activities need to be given up in order to give time for your child to rest and get enough sleep.

Remember to allot time for just enjoying and having fun as a family and for your kids to be kids.

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