How Parents Can Stay Organized Every Day for the Whole Year

Today’s generation of parents juggles a lot of things at once. Obligations such as work commitments, school-related activities such as PTA meetings, attending to family matters, personal development and many, many more crowd their schedules.

Such a busy schedule can lead to chaos at home. With no time for organizing and tidying up at home, it’s hard for most parents to stay organized because of lack of time. But does a tidy home really make a difference?

Dealing with the clutter every day at home can put a strain not only on parents’ mental health but also with the relationships inside the household. Imagine this: your kid is struggling with his math homework and you easily get frustrated. You may think that it may only be because of your kid but actually, you also get bothered with the clutter you see from the corner of your eye. It adds up to the frustration. In other words, some of the tension and stress in your home could be caused by clutter!

What can be done to avoid disorganization at home and to never deal with clutter ever again? Here are tips on how parents can stay organized every day for the whole year and beyond.

  1. Declutter

Most people think the storage they have at home isn’t enough but actually, the problem isn’t with the storage but rather the contents. Try to open your kitchen drawers, your closets, etc. and ask yourself, “Do I really need all these things?” Try to empty out all drawers at home and you’ll be surprised by the number of things you don’t need at home!

  1. Organize

Do your children always ask you where to find items at home? “Mom, where are my socks?”, or “Mom where are my sweaters?” If this is the usual scenario inside your home, then most likely it’s because of the disorganization of the items inside your home. To solve this problem, allot a weekend not just for you but for the whole family to organize the house. You can ask your kids to take charge of their own bedrooms, your husband in the garage, and you in the kitchen.

  1. Clear the surfaces

Make it a rule inside your home to never put anything on surfaces. All surfaces should be clutter-free. Once you put an item on a surface, it is more likely that more and more items will add up and voila, you get yourself another area in your house that is full of clutter.

  1. Designate a place for everything

In order to prevent everyone in the family to put items on surfaces and to truly live in a clutter-free home, designate places for EVERY item at home. Make sure everyone will follow these rules, otherwise, you will only end up cleaning up after everyone which we don’t want because we’d rather spend it drinking wine while having a warm bath, right? Create a system inside the household so everyone adheres to the rules.

  1. Clear the clutter right away

If you see clutter starting to build up, don’t wait and just clear it immediately. If a member of the family forgets to do so, don’t clean it up but ask the person to clean up their mess.

Try these tips and let us know how it improved your household! If you have tips to share, please write it in the comments! We always love to hear your ideas!

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