How to Establish Rules Inside The House

Setting rules in your household can make or break your relationship with your kids. That’s why it is important to know how to enforce these rules without compromising the parent-kid relationship.

Rules keep the house running smoothly and promote a healthy environment, but it can be a little tough when kids are involved.

What rules should you enforce? How can you make sure that these rules will be followed?

Here are the things you need to do when establishing rules inside the house:

  1. Creating the rules

Create rules that will keep your children out of harm’s way. Like keeping away from a hot stove, broken glass, matchsticks, etc. Sit down with the family and make sure to involve your kids in setting the rules. This will make them feel that they too have a say on what the rules should be. They won’t feel voiceless and this will empower them to open up to you. Discuss the rules and be willing to compromise with your kids.

  1. When to apply the rules

Once you had a discussion with your kids, tell them that the rules will be implemented asap. But since they are new to this, it’s helpful to have the rules printed and hanged in an area of the household where everyone can see it.

  1. What to do when rules weren’t followed

Rather than determining the consequences the moment the rules weren’t followed, part of your discussion about the rules should be about the consequences. They will be more mindful of the rules since they themselves decided the consequences in case they broke the rules.

  1. Be consistent

One reason why rules aren’t consistently followed is because the parents lack consistency. One day you are strict with enforcing the rules, the next day you let it pass and not enforce consequences. Don’t expect your kids to strictly adhere to the rules when you yourself don’t follow it either.

  1. Compliment them when they follow the rules

Don’t wait up for your kids to break the rules and discipline them. Positive reinforcement also helps. When they’ve been following the rules for like a week or so. Make sure to let them know how proud and happy it made you feel.

Do you have other tips to share when it comes to establishing household rules? Share it in the comments!

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