How to get your Teenager Ready for Back-to-School

Summer is almost over and you have a reluctant teenager who is sleeping all day. How do you get your teenager ready for early mornings and deadlines? The thing is that back-to school is so much more than school supplies, it is preparing your child mentally and physically for school. Parents who fail to prepare their teenagers for back-to-school can look forward to stressful mornings, catching up on summer assignments the last week of summer and uphill battle about assignments the first week of school. Want to have a stress-free back to school experience? We can help with that! Here are few tips for things you can do right now to start getting your teenager ready. 



Reset the sleep schedule

Your teenager is going probably sleeping all day and staying up all night so the first thing you should do is start preparing them for a normal sleep schedule. This should begin three weeks before school actually begins. If you're not at home with your kids during the summer, give them tasks to do that require them to wake up earlier in the day. Check in on them, send them a text in the morning to make sure they are awake. Invite them to be part of your morning routine; whether it's a morning walk or eating breakfast together. These small changes during the last three weeks of summer will make waking up for school that first week a lot easier. 


Check for Summer Assignments

There are angel kids out there who start their summer assignments in June. Those kids are amazing and we all want one of those kids. But let's just say your kid is not that kind of angel and he tends to procrastinate. If you are the parent of a procrastinator, I would recommend you check for summer assignments. Check for summer assignments three to four weeks before school starts to make sure your teenager has enough time to complete the assignment. I can't tell you how many parents call our office panicking because they had no idea that their child had a summer assignment and now they have to complete the entire project in three days. Don't let that happen to you!



Get Active with Them


If you have a teenager that has been laying around the house all summer, consider getting active with them! Go for a walk, take an exercise class together, ride bikes together, go for a swim. You don't have to make this one complicated. Why should you get active? Simple, exercise alters mood and studies show that people who exercise are generally in a better mood because they are enjoying the endorphins exercise produces. How does that help your teenager? Well, it helps your teenager have more energy and sleep better (remember the sleep schedule we talked about earlier). 


Take a look at the Heart of the Matter

Sometimes students are anxious about going back to school either because they were bullied the previous year, had trouble with their friendships, or something else. Some students will keep the issue to themselves and the negativity can translate into other negative behaviors. To prepare your teenager emotionally for school have a talk about how they feel. Are they excited to see their friends? Are they happy to go back to school? What are they looking forward to? What are they not looking forward to in this new school year? Are they worried about this year? What do they hope to achieve? You don't have to be a trained psychologist to talk to your teenager. Your teenager just wants to know that he is loved and that he is not alone. 

When you are getting ready for back-to-school, don't forget to prepare you teenager physically and mentally for a great school year. There are some things that are more important than the supply list. 

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