How to Help Your Kids With Homework (Without Doing It For Them!)

Finding the middle ground in helping your kids with homework can be tricky. We want our kids to excel, that’s why at times we almost can’t help ourselves taking over entirely while doing homework. Maybe your child gets a lot of homework and you just want to speed up the process. Despite knowing that doing their homework for them is going to benefit them in the long run, sometimes it’s hard for parents to let go of control and let their kids be in charge.

In this article, we are going to share tips on how to help your kids with homework without being overbearing.

  1. Create a homework contract

This agreement will include the rewards your kid will receive after finishing off their homework. This will depend entirely on you. You can do it daily, weekly or monthly. This is also where you should establish the homework rules (ex. No video games until homework is done.)

  1. Establish a daily routine

As we’ve mentioned several times before, children thrive on routines. It’s important to set a schedule from after-school activities until bedtime. While establishing a routine, make sure to also create a conducive environment for your child.

  1. Be a facilitator, let your child take the lead

As a facilitator, your role is to simply guide them but never to take over their homework. No matter how difficult the homework gets, it’s important for you to let your child do it himself. If your child is lazy and is having difficulty in getting started, set a specific time for him to get his homework done. Include it in your homework contract.

  1. Communicate with his teacher

One of the things that make school work a success for your child is to communicate with his teacher and address issues as soon as possible. See to it that your child knows that you as a parent and his teacher work together to help him excel in school.

  1. Hire a tutor

We know that you as parents have a lot on your plate. Working with your child with his homework while you’re burnout and stressed from work may not be a good idea. This is where we come in. Our tutors here in Learning to Succeed can get the job done and help your child in his homework, quizzes, and exams.

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