How to Prepare to Return to School After Winter Break

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season have finally come to an end. For some students, getting back into the school mindset is as easy as 123, to some, it might take a little re-adjusting.


For this blog post, we talk about different things you can do to prepare yourself to go back to school after enjoying your holiday break.


1. Start organizing your things

One of the ways you can refocus your mindset on academics is to start organizing your school stuff. Take note of the things you need that needs to be bought. Or if there are trashes you need to take out from your bag or if it needs rewashing then now is the best time to do it.


2. Catch up on ZZZs

Some of you may have binge-watch your favorite TV episode over the winter break and if you still do, you may have to pause and use your time to get some sleep instead. If you don't re-adjust your sleeping patterns you will surely have a difficult time during the first week of school so start sleeping early.


3. Finish your homework and projects

If you have unfinished homework and projects, you need to find the time to get all of those done before the start of school. Make sure you didn't miss anything so be sure to check your notes and emails.


4. Get into the habit of reading

Scan your books and notes and read a few sentences here and there just to get you back into the habit of reading. If you have books you need to read as part of a requirement, you can start binge-reading too.



5. Review topics discussed before winter break

You may have aced the topics before winter break but chances are, you may have forgotten about it already. So review the last topics that were discussed before winter break so when you get back to school, you don't need to scramble your brain trying to remember them.


6. Start eating healthy breakfast

If your family is the type to give you the freedom to eat what you want whenever you want for breakfast over the holiday break, now is the time to change gears. Breakfast is an important meal especially for students, so start eating your breakfast at the same time every day and opt for healthier ones.


7. Go for a run

Winter break is a time where most people slack off, so if you are still feeling lazy even when school time is getting near you can go for a run to kickstart your new year and in getting ready to return school Exercise changes the brain to improve memory and thinking skills.


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