Last-Minute AP Test Tips

AP exams are fast approaching. We're sure you're feeling the pressure and that your teenager is anxious about doing well. Now that the tests are in a few days, here are a few last-minute reminders for students taking the AP exam.


1. Get a good night sleep

No matter how hard you studied and how well-prepared you are for the test, if you did not sleep well, it can really affect you on the day of the exam. If you're sleepy while taking the exam, chances are you will have a hard time recalling information about everything you have studied. Make sure to give your brain a good rest a few days before the exam.


2. Be selective on what content to study

It won't help you if you study broad topics and subjects days before the exam. The best thing to do at this moment is to review notes that are important for the test. Notes such as a novel or play you would like to mention in your AP English Literature and composition essay or those math topics you are having a difficult time with.



3. Have some downtime days before the test

It's totally understandable to feel tense and anxious while waiting for the day of the test. If this is the case, it's best to take a break studying and give your self some time to enjoy a fun and relaxing activity to make you mentally refreshed.


Last-Minute AP Test Tips


4. Prepare what you need to bring a day before the exam

Bring snacks to munch during breaks, avoid using mechanical pencils since they don't erase cleanly, bring a good eraser, bring only clear bottles since bottles with printed labels aren't allowed. Prepare all of these a day before.


5. Show up early

There are circumstances along the way that might be unavoidable. The best way to deal with it is to show up early. That way, you will still have plenty of time to take care of things before the AP test starts.

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