What Parents Need to Do When Child and Teacher Don't Get Along

We all hope this situation will never happen to us but it happens… Your child doesn’t get along with his teacher. So what do you do? As a parent, it is important for you to know how to properly deal with this situation. How you handle the situation can greatly affect how this issue will turn out - it’s either you make it better or you make it worst. Not only do you have to make peace with the child and the teacher but the way you handle the situation teaches your child how to deal with these types of situations in the future. So how should handle the situation? Here are a few suggestions:

Talk to your child about the teacher but don’t share your opinion right away

If your child complains about a teacher, don’t immediately agree or disagree. Listen to your child, let him vent out his frustrations but don’t share your thoughts about it. Most of this situation happens when your child and teachers start off on the wrong foot. Watch out for clues on what your child shares, then offer him a different point of view aside from what he tells about the situation.

Promote Empathy

This suggestion is somewhat related to the first one. Sometimes students struggle to get along with teachers because they do not consider both sides of the situation, other times it may be a miscommunication. Teaching your child to consider how his or her teacher feels, helps your child learn empathy.

Give it a few days

When you’re done talking with your child, give it a few days before getting in touch with the teacher. It might be that your child just needs some adjustments with the teacher and even his environment.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your child’s teacher

Have a talk with your child’s teacher about the issue but don’t do it in front of your child. He may get more anxious about it and won’t be openly honest to you if he knows his teacher is in the room listening. Let your child know about the meeting afterwards, don’t let him know before the meeting.

Help your child understand that it takes two to make a relationship work

Talk to your child about the way he interacts with his teacher. Does he smile when he greets his teacher? Offer to help the teacher out? How is he during class? Does he participate during class discussions? Be careful with how you talk to your child about this. Don’t make it sound like he should be trying to please his teacher, tell your child that he should be polite and friendly and see what happens.

Check in with your child and teacher after a few weeks

Once you’ve had the talk with your child, check in with him and his teacher and see if there are any improvements or if there’s anything that needs to be followed up.

Do you have any tips aside from what we shared? Do comment it below!

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