What To Do When Your Child is Being Bullied in School

At some point in your child’s life, he will be bullied in school. And it comes in different forms -- name-calling, cyberbullying, taunting, and even physical bullying. As a parent, it is important to act on this immediately. Especially now that suicide rate is increasing, even with younger children.

Getting this resolved may not be easy, and it sure is not just a walk in the park. Expect that while working on resolving this issue, you will encounter challenges and it’s very important that as parents, to always check on your child.

Here are ways on how to deal with your child being bullied in school:

  1. Identify if it really is bullying

Kids are naturally playful, and teasing is part of it. When your child mentions about being teased, try to listen carefully if your child is showing that he is hurt by it. Don’t brush it off, it’s important to identify the issue as early as possible.

  1. Talk to a teacher

After you have a talk with your child, schedule a meeting with one of his teachers in school and raise the concern. Most schools take this issue very seriously and will extend a helping hand to get this resolved.

  1. Get your child to keep talking

Resolving this issue doesn’t happen overnight. So it’s important that your child knows that he has someone to talk to. Whether it’s his parents, teachers or guidance counselors in school. It’s also important for him to feel safe and know he can go to a place where he wouldn’t be bothered.

  1. Don’t take matters into your own hands

Don’t directly deal with the bully or his parents. Make sure to converse with a teacher or guidance counselor present. It’s tempting - yes. Especially if you know what happens to your child every day. You may also want to consider empowering your child to speak up for himself at school.

  1. Give your child things he likes to do

Bullying can hurt your child’s self-esteem. It’s important to remind your child how amazing he is. Make him do things he is good at. That way, he is constantly reminded that he is a great person and has a lot of skills.

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