When Your Child Hates to Read... Add This to Your To-Do List


So many parents face this issue... children who hate to read. Children hate reading for different reasons; they don't feel confident reading while other kids associate reading with school and homework and other things that cause them stress. So how can we help our children love to read (or at least hate it less)? By reading. 

We’ve all seen those scenes in the family TV shows- a mother in a perfectly pressed dress and fresh makeup tucks her kids in at night and reads with them. It is a traditional scene that has been replaced by iPads and apps that children can use to read along with. Most parents don’t have time to read with their children and the idea of being able to settle down with your children to read a book seems like an outdated practice done only by stay at home moms and ultra amazing mommies who seem to have their lives together. However, I would like to propose three reasons why you should reconsider reading to your children and make it a priority.

Reading to your child…

Improves reading comprehension

Why do children hate to read? I've evaluated dozens of children who hate to read and I always like to chat with them and understand how they feel about reading. I found that most children say they are frustrated and embarrassed. Most students lack confidence when it comes to reading.  I’m sure you’ve heard before that children who read at home tend to have better reading comprehension, vocabulary, test scores, etc.

If you do it they’ll do it

You are the greatest influence on your child’s life. I know that seems pretty obvious if you have a small child and maybe not so obvious when your child is a little older but the statement holds true no matter how old your child is.

Doing it with you makes it less boring

Many children don’t like reading, they see it as a task or chore because they associate reading with homework-- boring. If your child reads with you for enjoyment, it completely changes the context of reading. Reading becomes something you share, it is enjoyable, it is discussed, it becomes a social act. Why does reading need to be a social act? Because people who discuss what they read understand it better, they are better at communicating ideas with others, they learn to associate with others to discuss ideas. These are all healthy ideas that eventually make your child a better student, employee and friend.

Maybe reading to your child is not at the top of your to do list-- it might not even be on your to do list (some of you are reading this and laughing, what to do list). Make it part of your daily routine and make it a priority. Try it for a week and let me know how it goes!

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